Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cercasi volontario per ragazza americana

Ho ricevuto questa richiesta di insegnanti d'italiano volontari per una ragazza sui 15 anni dagli USA.
Se a qualcuno interessa scriva a Jenna Ciccotelli, email a fine lettera.

Ciao, Signora. Come stai?
This may seem like a lot to ask. A girl in my school, XXX, is from Sicily. She just moved to my town. She speaks only Italian, and the teachers in my school are terrible at it. I want to be her friend.
I want to learn Italian, and I don't want to pay. We could do sort of a correspondence course, where you send me an Italian lesson and ask me to write a paragraph or something. I'd send the paragraph to you and you could grade it, tell me what I did wrong, and you could send me another lesson.
I am really eager and would be an amazing student, I promise.
Jenna Ciccotelli