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15 September 2010

Online learning programs are very common nowadays, especially with more and more people preferring it over the traditional learning method, as it allows them to work and pursue further education at the same time. PhD degrees, which are usually earned by going into universities and staying for at least a year or two, can now be earned through online PhD degree programs, and this can be done at the comfort of their own homes.

Online PhD degree programs can be taken on many different universities, both locally and internationally. These universities have their own set of requirements for those who wish to pursue adult education, with some having more strict requirements, such as having a Master's degree or having a good scholastic record.

While some students may pass the requirements set by these universities, others might have a hard time finding the right university that will admit them. Fortunately, there are universities that will welcome them, regardless of them having good grades. These universities are called "open universities". Open universities allow everyone to take online PhD degree programs, as well as other courses, without any entry and residency requirements. Their goal is to provide quality and affordable adult education, regardless of them having a good scholastic record or not in the past.

Open universities can be found on almost every country. In the United Kingdom, there is even a university named "The Open University" , which is funded by the UK government. In Hong Kong, there's also The Open University of Hong Kong that follows on the footsteps of the latter, which offers various courses such as Doctorate in Business Administration. In India, the Nalanda Open University is the one of Indian universities that offers online PhD degree programs. This university boasts of state-of-the-art library, and a fully-automated system, coupled with state-of-the-art computers, to ensure high quality education. Other countries, like Philippines and the Netherlands have their own Open Universities as well, namely, University of the Philippines Open Universityand Open University Netherland, respectively.

Almost all open universities have made it possible to earn online PhD degrees on all courses. To be sure, you should contact them and ask them about the courses they offer. Alternatively, you can visit their website for the list of courses and requirements for being admitted.

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