Wednesday, August 8, 2007

italian academy - columbia university



In 2007-2008, the Fellowship Program at the Italian Academy will continue to focus on issues relating to cultural identity, cultural transmission, and cultural memory. It has a twofold aim: to foster the conservation of the many aspects of culture that are increasingly being lost, and to forge genuinely new links between the arts, the sciences and the social sciences.

Applications are therefore invited for fellowships in all areas relating to the study of cultural identity, cultural transmission, and cultural memory, particularly - but not exclusively - with regard to Italy. Theoretical, monographic, and positivist approaches will be equally welcomed. Applications dealing with the scientific, sociological and technological aspects of culture and memory are encouraged. Between ten and sixteen fellowships will be awarded every year.

Preference will be given to candidates who plan to work with scholars in relevant areas at Columbia, but other candidates will also be considered. In all instances, fellows will be encouraged to work with departments and faculty members at Columbia. See under Guidelines for further information.

An annual Premio New York has been established by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America and the School of the Arts at Columbia to allow two promising young Italian artists to spend one or two semesters working in New York. The winning artists will arrive at Columbia in September 2007 and be in residence through April 2008. The Prize is intended to encourage the exchange of ideas and create a sense of community between Italian artists and New York contemporary artists.

To see the list of winners for the 2007-2008 Fellowship Program click here.