Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cercasi insegnante IT a Kiev

Da :

If you are a naturally born career foreign language teacher, either experienced or starting,

…you are welcome to prove it and to join our team. We are Aachen Academy of European Languages in Ukraine Ltd.- a medium-sized private language school with German origin (currently 100% owned and run by Ukrainian stakeholder) in Kyiv, Ukraine

Established in 2004 we are currently counting about 200 students studying German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Czech per term.

We strive to provide effective, exciting and authentic first class foreign language instruction based on communicative approach and own teaching program. We are the only school in Kiev offering foreign language instruction in all of this languages through full-time native-speaking carrier teachers.

If you consider you can or wish to deliver more than being a supplement to a regular text book, if you are or you are about to become a really good foreign language teacher, we guess to be the proper team for you to join.


Providing instruction in Italian, in groups and private, to all age groups (starting 12 y.o.), developing course programs and material, participating promotional activities of the Academy


native speaking Teacher of Italian, with a degree in pedagogies or linguistics, Master or equivalent, 1 year experience of qualified teaching. Knowledge of Russian/Ukrainian is desired. Reliable English is a must.


Career Teacher: 8000 UAH* for 80 hours** plus bonus of up to 2000 UAH.

Hours in excess paid with 100 UAH per hour.

Junior Teacher: 6500 UAH for 80 Hours plus bonus of up to 1000 UAH.

Hours in excess paid with 80 UAH per hour.

No further benefits (unfortunately).

*1 USD= app. 8 UAH, (Ukrainian Hryvna), 1 €= app. 10, 5 UAH . The US-Dollar is the so called anchor currency with a stable exchange rate, so the exchange rate of the Euro to Hrivna is dependent on the international USD to Euro exchange rate.

** 45 minutes


400 UAH vacation refund monthly (paid at the end of the contract)

1200 UAH Christmas bonus

Working times (availability)

Mo- Fr 8.30-21.30, St 10.00-16.00.

Starting date, contract duration:

13.09.2010, 4-9 month (presence in Kiev at least one week prior)

Additional information

1) Taxes and Work Permission

You are supposed to work as a private entrepreneur. You need no work permission and free to declare you income towards the Ukrainian taxation authorities when staying less than a year in Ukraine.

2) Visa

US and EU citizens have visa free entrance and stay in Ukraine for 90 days. For longer periods you need visa issued through the Ukrainian embassies in your home country. We will provide you with the corresponding invitation.

3) Medical Care

General state medical care in Ukraine is rather poor. You get access to it through insuring with the state medical insurance company of Ukrinmedstrakh for app. 150 UAH per month. The insurance covers basic medical help. Be prepared to pay for medicine yourself. You will also have to pay for the treatment directly to the medical personal (well, bizarre, but still effective). Logically, no receipts. There are no official rates. Here are some experience values (orthopedic or comparable surgery- 1000-2000 UAH, stay in hospital- 100-150 UAH per day).

Thus it is advised to keep you native medical insurance to ensure full scale medical safety. In this case you can address private medical institutions. The costs are about 20-30% below that in Western Europe or the US. Private medical institutions offer better conditions and, which is important for reimburse, you will get fiscal receipt.

4)Coming with own car

Good idea as Ukraine has got really beautiful place to see. But rather not in winter. And according to the customs regulations you will have to leave the territory of Ukraine once a month. Well, a ride of 150 km to the next Belorussian border will suffice, but still be aware of that inconvenience. Fuel rates are 20% below of the west European.

5) Cost of Living


The rent is mostly fearful. You should count with 2000-4000 UAH for a room in a shared apartment, 3000- 6000 UAH for a one room apartment (low price range is attributed to acceptable dwelling based 1-1,5 hour of public transportation way away from the center and correspondingly from the school; high price range- to centrally based accommodation. The price level is rather pessimistic, but realistic. We wish you a better search.)

Up to 80% of accommodations for rent are operated by brokers. The broker fee is 50% of monthly rent. The school may recommend you a reliable English speaking broker.

The Rest

Food: 1200- 2000 UAH per month (West European rates minus 10%-15%)
Household Ware, Clothing: west European rates + 20%
Communication: west European rates
Public Transportation: 100-150 UAH per month
Eating Out: 100-150 UAH per person
Drinking Out: west European level+ 20%
Cinema: 40-50 UAH

If interested, contact
managing director Mr. Bogdan Gorokhovskiy
Scype: le_da_bonch