Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dottorato in letteratura - Berlino


Borse dottorato letteratura a Berlino

The Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies has once again been successful in the German "Excellence Initiative". It has as its aim the supervision of exceptional dissertation projects in the field of Literary Studies, examining European, American, Arabic and Asian literary texts, within the doctoral degree programme “Literary Studies”. The projects should be well grounded in theory and should adopt a historical and / or an inter- or transcultural approach. The programme offers intensive and individual supervision of the thesis as well as coursework. Applicants must have a completed degree (M.A. or equivalent) with above-average grades in the humanities, preferably literary studies. German and English are the favoured working languages in the international doctoral programme.

Doctoral candidates take part in activities which support them in their research within their individual disciplines, at the same time placing this research in an interdisciplinary context. These activities include:

Research colloquia with renowned visiting academics
Seminars on methodology and literary theory
Courses and workshops in the field of transferable skills

The Graduate School will award

1. up to 10 scholarships for doctoral candidates per year. Scholarships are awarded for a maximum duration of three years